Motor-sport Slaps

Rotor Design Co is the project of two car enthusiasts who wanted to create dope slap stickers that they would actually run on their cars.

We design and manufacture everything in house. We want you to be proud to wear the RDC brand so the quality of each slap sticker is important to us. You can get in touch with us personally at :D

Each Slap Sticker is 7in x 2.63in. If you would like another dimension email


Featured Japan Slap

Only Stars

Everyone is a star (unless they are not) But I bet you are :D


//Japan Featured Sticker on Home Page
Featured Slap 2

Prayer Night

Pray those zip-ties hold


Featured Slap 3

Too Fast

Light em up



Latest Drop 1

Always Broken

Check under the hood cuh


Latest Drop 2

Never Ending Redux

Eternal Again...